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Zenidol - a new word in the fight against fungi

Zenidol cream - a new drug against fungus

According to clinical studies, more than 30% of people have suffered from fungal diseases of the skin and nails at least once. Such a high incidence rate is explained by the current prevalence of public swimming pools, gymnasiums and other places with shared showers. The fungus likes a warm and humid environment and multiplies very quickly there. All you have to do is come into contact with a surface infected with a fungus once, and there is a high probability that you will be infected. To stop fungal growth and get rid of irritating microorganisms on the surface and inside the skin and nails, use Zenidol Anti-Fungal Cream. The revolutionary product is developed using only natural ingredients and is the number one cure for skin and nail fungus in Hungary.

What is a mushroom?

A fungal infection is a lesion of the epidermis and nail plates by pathogenic fungal colonies, called onychomycosis. When entering the human body, the fungus begins to multiply and increasingly infect new areas. It is difficult to notice it in the early stages of the disease, but later the mycosis begins to destroy the nail and the skin around it. The nail becomes brittle, begins to peel and turn yellow, and painful cracks and swelling form on the surface of the skin. If the fungus is left untreated, it can cause the nail to fall off and the infection to spread throughout the body, damaging vital organs.

How to detect mushrooms?

Characteristic signs of onychomycosis:

Mycosis of the feet and nails

It is recommended to consult a dermatologist to get tested and get an accurate diagnosis.

The main ways of infection with onychomycosis

Usually infection with a pathogenic fungus occurs when visiting public places such as solariums, hairdressers, beauty salons. In addition, a third of cases of infection with a fungus occurs through contact with relatives infected with mycosis, using only one shoe. Often people who walk in a shoe for a long time get sick with a fungus, because in a humid environment the fungus multiplies extremely quickly. Additional factors may be weakened immunity, hyperhidrosis, diabetes mellitus and overweight.

Consequences of onychomycosis

If the fungus is left untreated for a long time, it can spread far beyond the feet and affect the hairline, skin all over the body, genitals and even internal organs. And to fight a fungus that has penetrated deep into the body is much more difficult than on the surface. Also, the fungus negatively affects the psychological state and leads to social isolation. The fact is that people are often ashamed to see their fingers infected with fungus and tend to minimize social contact.

Zenidol against fungi

The Zenidol product for the treatment of fungal infections of the nails and feet is designed specifically for a complex effect on the cellular structures affected by mycosis. When applied to the skin and nails, the cream stops the reproduction of fungal colonies, and then begins the destruction of infectious microorganisms.

Advantages of Zenidol over other drugs:

advantages and effectiveness of Zenidol

Proof of effectiveness

Conducted in EU countries, clinical studies on more than 1000 patients with fungus confirm the effectiveness of the drug. More than 97% of the subjects got rid of all signs of mycosis within a week. 98% confirmed no return of mycosis after the course of the drug.

Composition Zenidol

Zenidol cream owes its effectiveness exclusively to its natural composition. The product includes components such as:

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Doctor's review

Doctor Dermatologist Bence Kocsis Bence Kocsis
38 years old
Mycosis of the legs and feet is one of the most common skin diseases in Hungary. Antibiotics can be effective, but have a number of contraindications. And the product for the treatment of nail and foot fungus Zenidol, due to its natural composition, has no contraindications. This cream quickly removes the focus of the spread of the fungus and is effective at all stages of the disease.